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5-Year old Suffers Injury, Sues Ross Dress for Less Store

A five-year old boy suffered an injury after he put on a shoe that had a several inch metal spike in it.  The shoe had been purchased by his mother at Ross Dress for Less in Portland.  The spike was from a security tag the store used. The boy’s mother was unable to remove the spike and took him to the doctor for medical assistance removing it. The wound later became infected.Rossdressforless

Beyond the physical pain. the boy has suffered some emotional issues as a result. He is afraid to put on shoes and makes his mother check each shoe before putting it on.  His injury also prevented him from being able to engage in sports or other activities enjoyed by children his age.

The boy’s mother is suing Ross Dress For Less for the medical expenses, as well as the emotional damages suffered by her son.

This incident is an example of the emotional damages that arise out of personal injuries. The emotional suffering endured by the injured person can be substantial. In the case of children, as in this case, this often includes the exclusion from their normal activities. Such exclusion can be extremely difficult on children. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you or your child get appropriate compensation for the emotional suffering.

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