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Bicycle Falls off Car, and Results in Personal Injury Claim

In March 2012, Dawn Martin was driving on Interstate 5 when a bicycle fell off its rack in front of her, causing her to brake quickly.  She was then rear-ended.Bicycle Accident

She has filed a lawsuit against both the driver behind her and the owner of bicycle.  She claims physical damages as a result of the collision, as well as emotional damages for the impact the accident had on her life.

In a blog article from March 2012, the owner of the bicycle stated that he had secured the bicycle, but that a strap had broken, causing the bicycle to fall.

This story is a good reminder to all drivers that they are responsible for properly securing their loads.  In this case, the bicycle driver may not be found negligent, if he did take the steps necessary to properly secure his bicycle.  However, if a driver fails to ensure that cargo is properly secure, he or she is negligent and could be held liable for whatever damage occurs.

For more information about this bicycle accident, see this story:

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