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Bodily Injury vs. Personal Injury

If you have sustained significant injuries in an accident, you might have done a Google search asking, “what is personal injury?” Alternatively, you may have asked, “should I pursue a personal injury lawsuit?”  You might also have asked whether the terms “bodily injury” and “personal injury” are interchangeable. 

What Exactly Is Personal Injury?

Personal injury is a legal concept in civil law. A personal injury case is brought by the sufferer of injuries from an accident or societal wrongs such as character defamation. In a personal injury case, the claimant is the individual who has been injured. In circumstances where the victim is killed, the claimant is the representative of the deceased’s estate.

The defendant is the individual against whom the claim is lodged or whose misconduct resulted in the victim’s loss or damage. When a defendant assigns responsibility to another party, that person is often referred to as the cross-defendant.

Personal injuries can occur because of motor vehicle accidents, professional misconduct, defective products, premises liability, and various other causes. In most of these personal injury cases, the incidents are not deliberate but rather the outcome of the defendant’s negligent behavior.

The following are the primary aspects of negligence that must be proven in a personal injury case:

  • That the at-fault person owed a responsibility of care to the injured person
  • That the defendant breached their duty of care to the injured person
  • That a direct and proximate cause of the injuries or damages was the breached duty of care

What Exactly Is Bodily Injury?

Unlike personal injury, a bodily injury does not relate to a particular sort of legal action. Rather, it is utilized to describe particular physical injuries that a person has suffered. The main distinction between personal injury and bodily injury is that personal injury is a form of a claim that can be lodged, whereas bodily injury defines a kind of damage incurred. 

Seek Expert Legal Counsel

If you have sustained significant injuries, you should employ a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer to assist you in navigating the complicated injury law procedures of obtaining damages. Insurance firms are well-versed in several strategies to guarantee that they pay the least amount feasible.

Do not compromise your right to a fair settlement! Arrange a free consultation with a Salem Personal Injury Lawyer at Youd Law to explore your legal options.

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