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Child Recovering after Fall at Silver Falls

A ten-year old fell into a ravine in early January, after a railing gave way.  He was hiking at Silver Falls State Park with his family when the incident occurred.Child Recovering after Fall at Silver Falls

He has begun to recover physically from his injuries.  He no longer has to wear a cervical collar and hopes to return to physical education with his classmates.  However, this fall has caused him trauma emotionally.  He has been unable to engage in the activities other ten-year old children enjoy.  He has also been more concerned about death and asking questions about mortality.

When a child suffers an injury, the trauma suffered emotionally can be as great or greater than their physical injuries.  In personal injury cases, the daily and long-term impacts of the incident can be compensated, in addition to the physical injuries.  Children who have to abstain from their usual activities and have their daily lives impacted are entitled to compensation for the trauma this causes.

If you know a child who has suffered injury due to the negligence of another, contact a trusted personal injury lawyer.  We can help the child get the compensation they deserve for the pain they’ve suffered, both physically and emotionally.

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