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Dangers of Inflatable Bounce Houses

Two children are recovering, after falling two stories when an inflatable house went airborne in South Glen Falls, New York.  The house was lifted fifteen to twenty feet in the air by a large gust of wind.  The bounce house was manufactured by Little Tikes, which is now investigating the accident.  
As we enter the summer months where children are playing more outside, it is important that parents be careful of potential dangers of outdoor play toys.  Several steps can be taken to protect your children: Dangers of Inflatable Bounce Houses
(1) Make sure that toys are properly secured.
(2) Require children to wear helmets and appropriate padding when participating in activities such as riding bicycles or rollerskating.
(3) Supervise your children when they are using toys such as bounce houses or trampolines.
(4) Ensure that toys are in good condition before allowing children to play on or with them.
(5) Pay attention to weather conditions, such as strong gusts or lightening, that could make ordinary toys dangerous.
The gust of wind that knocked the inflatable house in New York could do the same elsewhere. Take precautions to make sure that your children are safe, while they are having fun.
For more information about the incident in New York, see this article:
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