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The Deadliest Accident In History

The deadliest accident in the history of New York’s Metro-North railroad killed six people this past week.  Investigators of the accident are looking for answers as to who was at fault.  Again, the use of modern technology will help with this investigation in resolving who was at fault in this accident.  Highway signals, the train, rail signals and the crossing arms at the scene of the accident all have recording devices that will prove to be helpful in resolving the cause of this tragic accident.
Deadly accidents
In 2013 alone, Metro-North sustained four high-profile accidents.  These accidents have led the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) to step up their safety assessments.

This past March, the U.S. Congress was able to identify three main safety concerns that the railroad needed to improve upon.  Their findings found an ineffective safety department, poor safety culture, and ineffective training for its employees.

Determining who was at fault in an accident with the help of these recording devices is a great asset in improving the safety of those crossing railroads as well as those who are riding the rail.

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