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Do not Discredit a Soft Tissue Injury Resulting from an Automobile Accident

Most rear end collisions and lower impact automobile accidents cause what are called soft tissue injuries.  These injuries most often involve muscles, ligaments, or tendons.

Although these injuries are typically more challenging to settle with insurance companies due to a lack of tangible or visible evidence of the injury, they are certainly worth negotiating with insurance companies for settlement.

These injuries can cause great pain and suffering to the accident victim.  In fact, it is not uncommon for soft tissue injuries to take more time to heal, and to cause more overall pain than a broken bone.  Injuries such as whiplash and soreness of muscles, ligaments and tendons should not be discounted by any insurance company whether or not they are visible to the naked eye.  We at the Youd Law Firm have successfully settled hundreds of soft tissue claims, obtaining fair and just compensation for his clients.

Patience is key to the final outcome of a personal injury settlement or jury verdict.  We advise our clients to seek competent medical help and cooperate with their medical providers.  When the patient is medically stationary and released from active medical care, then and only then do we proceed to negotiate with the insurance company toward a reasonable settlement of a claim.

Valuing a soft tissue claim is difficult.  Our expertise in valuing such claims comes from over 23 years of experience in representing injury clients.  We are very successful in negotiating fair settlements of soft tissue injury claims.  This is because insurance companies and their attorneys realize that trial with us may cost them much more in time, resources and a jury verdict than they would incur by negotiating fairly with Lance at the Youd Law Firm.

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