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Don’t allow a Concussion to go Undiagnosed from an Automobile Accident.

Head trauma caused by an accident can be serious and should not go undetected.  Closed head injuries are not visible injuries, but are very real and can cause severe health concerns to the victim of an automobile accident where they have sustained a serious jolt, been bumped, or hit to the head.

Closed head injuries will initially make a person dizzy, or nauseated.  They can also cause a person to have fuzzy memory, coordination difficulty, sensory problems, difficulty sleeping, paralysis, headaches, and disorientation.  Other warning signs are when the injured person does not recognize familiar people or there is a visible difference in the size of the injured person’s pupils.

This type of injury to the head is often referred to as a concussion.  Concussions are a bruising of the brain. If a person sustains a concussion, there could be an effect on the normal function of the brain.  If not treated properly, recovery can be prolonged.

It is critical to have a physician involved in diagnosing this type of injury so it can be addressed immediately and monitored closely.  Extreme rest is usually prescribed, especially for the first 3 to 5 days. Strenuous activity is also discouraged until a doctor releases the patient back to normal activity.

A car accident victim can seek compensation for these closed head injuries.  A car accident victim has the right to seek compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, loss of earning potential in the future, property damage, and pain and suffering.

Head injury negotiations can be complicated and time consuming due to difficulties in diagnosing and treating such injuries.  Monetary recoveries for closed head injuries can be significant, and victims of car accidents deserve those monetary recoveries.

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