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Experience. Reputation. Personality.

Experience. Reputation. Personality. These are three important attributes to consider when selecting the right attorney to represent you. Here is the 3rd tip we consider at the Youd Law Firm to be important when you choose to have a lawyer represent you in a Personal Injury law suit.

Finally, one of the most often overlooked factors in hiring an attorney is personality. Is the attorney compassionate? Do they understand and empathize with the stress and the pain that you are experiencing. Are they considerate? Will they be available to answer your questions and return your calls in a timely manner? Is the attorney nonjudgmental? Do you feel comfortable sharing the details of your case? Knowledge, skill and reputation are all attributes of a good attorney; but, the truly great attorneys do more than just meet the legal needs of their clients. The great ones are also able to empathize with and affirm their clients as they struggle through the challenging circumstances accidents often create.

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