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Extreme Sports, Extreme Liability

Extreme runs and other adrenaline-laden activities have grown increasingly popular in the last several years. While many find these thrilling and fun, what are they really risking?

Such activities often require signing liability waivers that include death.  Some of the races even broadcast this as a point of pride -that you could die in the race. However, the companies running such races and events could end up in trouble.  One participant in an extreme obstacle race died, after being stuck in a muddy pool. This participant’s family is suing the company that ran the race, arguing that the waiver did not adequately outline the risks included in the race.

One hope is that the new Obstacle Race Association can help outline industry standards and prevent unnecessarily dangerous obstacles in such races.  Also, the outcomes of lawsuits in this area can help shape what the standards are and what changes need to be made.  As this is a relatively new area of sports, there is still much left to be figured out.

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