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Fatal Five Causes of Most Traffic Accidents

The fatal five causes of most traffic accidents become heightened during spring break:  People are not in their normal routine of driving; and more teens will be driving with vacation on their mind, potentially creating a more distracted driver.

Be cautious and be aware of the fatal five causes for accidents according to KTVZ.

Drivers are a danger not only to themselves, but to those around them.  OSP Superintendent Rich Evans puts it this way, “This kind of driving behavior creates the biggest risk to people’s safety on our roadways. Focusing on them makes the biggest impact on traffic safety.”

We encourage drivers to be aware and be safe over the upcoming spring break.  We handle many unfortunate personal injury accidents in Oregon and see the damages it creates for those injured.  There are physical, mental, financial, and emotional problems that must be addressed.  Please drive safely! And remember if you need a personal injury attorney in Salem, Oregon, you can rely on Youd Law.

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