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Helping to Avoid Injury: Safety Tips to Avoid Dog Bites

Many children (and some adults) assume that all dogs are friendly pets waiting to be given attention. However, it is important to teach your children the potential dangers of approaching strange dogs, or even family dogs at certain times. According to the Center for Disease control, about 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year. Of these incidents, about 885,000 need medical attention as a result, with half of these individuals being children. Given this threat to safety, it is essential that children learn how to act around dogs. The CDC has compiled a list of safety rules to teach children so that they can safely enjoy the company of canine companions. These include not approaching a strange dog, allowing a dog to sniff you before petting it and remaining motionless when approached by a strange dog. The CDC also reminds parents that it is important to teach children about how to approach dogs at home as well, such as to not disturb dogs while sleeping, feeding, or caring for puppies. See the complete list of tips at the website below.

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