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Hit by a Drunk Driver? Contact a Salem, Oregon Attorney Immediately

There’s a good reason why motorists are cautioned against drinking and driving. Alcohol can impair your vision, reduce your reaction time, and cause you to fall asleep behind the wheel. As this article from The Register Guard reports, ignoring this maxim can make driving a serious hazard:

“A 30-year-old Springfield man was charged with drunken driving and other offenses after he crashed his vehicle late Saturday night near the Mohawk Boulevard/Highway 126 interchange, police said.

The vehicle crashed through a guardrail and came to rest about 40 feet below the roadway, partially in water, police said. One passenger had to be removed by Springfield fire department medics and was taken to a hospital with serious injuries, police said. Other passengers also required medical attention, police said.

The crash damaged the intersection lights and a portion of the guardrail was destroyed, police said.

Police said the driver, Jaywant Prakash, was speeding east when he exited the highway onto the boulevard and crashed through the guardrail.

Prakash was charged with driving under the influence of intoxicants and reckless driving, and four counts of reckless endangerment and two counts of third-degree assault. He was lodged in the Lane County Jail.”

Of course, drunk drivers endanger not only their passengers and public property but also innocent pedestrians and other motorists,. Being involved in a car crash involves expensive vehicle repairs and hospital bills. Fortunately, those affected by drunk drivers can get help from expert attorneys in Salem, Oregon like Lance D. Youd, Attorney at Law to get proper compensation.

According to the Loyola University Health System in Chicago, medical costs, property damage, and lost productivity resulting from alcohol-related crashes can amount to around $46 billion. With the assistance of a trusted Salem, Oregon attorney, victims of drunk driving accidents do not have to shoulder these expenses alone.

(Article Information and Image from Driver faces charges after Springfield crash,, December 16, 2013)

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