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Holiday Safety: Shopping for Safe Toys

With the holiday season often comes toy shopping. When you’re out looking for toys for the little ones this year, remember to keep safety precautions in mind. The Consumer Product Safety Commission, US Customs and Border Patrol are all on the look out for dangerous toys entering the US market. However, even a safe toy can be dangerous if not properly supervised or if used improperly.

Some reminders from the CPSC this season:

  1. If you are purchasing a riding toy or other toy that puts children in motion, make sure to buy safety equipment as well. This would include helmets, elbow pads, knee pads, etc. Also, make sure that children do not use these toys near a pool or body of water, as this could result in a drowning hazard.
  2. Supervise children while they charge batteries for battery operated toys. These chargers can sometimes lack a mechanism to stop them from overcharging.
  3. Keep high-powered magnets away from children, since swallowing such magnets can result in needing surgery. These can do substantial damage to a child.
  4. Keep toys with small parts away from children under three years old.
  5. If you are giving a child a bike or tricycle this year, make sure to supervise the child as they use their new toy. Keep children away from the street or other areas where they could encounter a vehicle.

For more information, visit the CPSC’s page:

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