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Holiday Safety: The Legal Consequences of Driving Impaired

If the possibility of harming yourself or others is not enough incentive, you could also face life changing legal consequences when you choose to drink and drive. Oregon has an implied consent law, meaning that by driving in Oregon you imply that you consent to a breath, blood or urine test. Drivers over 21 years old will fail a test if their blood alcohol reading is 0.08; for drivers under 21, they will fail the test if they have any amount of alcohol in their blood.

Here are some guidelines of what you could expect in fines if you are convicted of driving under the influence:

  • Minimum $1000.00 fine for your first conviction
  • Minimum $1500.00 fine for your second conviction
  • Minimum $2,000.00 for your third or subsequent conviction, if not sentenced to a term of imprisonment.
  • Minimum of $2,000.00 for an individual who is driving with 0.15% or higher blood alcohol content.

You would also be required to undergo alcohol treatment. For the treatment program, the evaluation costs $150, and the treatment costs are on a sliding scale, starting at $30 per class. The minimum number of classes for a first time, with a low BAC and no aggravating factors is 12 classes. In addition to treatment, you will be required to complete a victim impact panel. In Marion County, this costs $50.00.

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