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How To Dispute A Car Accident Fault

You may do everything necessary to drive safely on public roads only for another driver to crash into your car, causing damage to your vehicle. You can sustain injuries in the process. You then have to call an ambulance, notify the police, and contact an insurance company before filing your insurance claim. 

You can do everything diligently only to receive communication from the insurance company claiming that you were the at-fault driver and that they have rejected your claim. You can get frustrated, especially when you know you did nothing wrong that could lead to the accident. You may wonder on what grounds you are being held liable for the accident.

In this article, we look at how to dispute fault in a car accident to protect you and prove the responsible party’s negligence. 

How do Insurance Companies Determine the At-Fault Driver?

The general principle is that the negligent driver that causes your injuries has liability for the accident. What happens in cases where the drivers involved in the accident follow the rules and have no intention of causing harm to others, all causing damage to other vehicles? 

This is complicated, but insurance companies follow strict procedures and guidelines to determine fault. You do not need to worry if you follow all the applicable traffic rules.

How to Dispute Fault in a Car Accident Claim

Nobody wants to take the blame for a car accident they did not cause. But what if you get in a car accident in Salem only for your insurance company to disapprove your claim because they believe you were the at-fault party? Here are a few things you can do to fight the ticket and dispute fault.

  1. Make a call 

After an accident, you will have many things running through your mind. However, you need to stay calm and call the insurance companies. If possible, you can visit their offices. If you call the at-fault driver’s insurance company and receive no feedback regarding your claim, write to them explaining your side. After receiving your complaint, they will investigate the accident.

  1. Let Attorneys do Their Job

What if you do not get any feedback regarding your claim even after sending a written statement to the insurance company? You will have to work with a Salem Personal Injury Lawyer. The process of disputing a claim is complicated, and you cannot handle it on your own. You can give your attorney a recollection of the events leading up to the accident to help them understand your case.

They will take it upon themselves to collect footage from security and surveillance cameras, talk to witnesses, and get police reports to support your claim. They also know how to negotiate with stubborn insurance companies, something you are not familiar with.

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