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Lake Oswego Rear End Accident Attorney


Rear end accidents are one of the most common car crashes. Even at low speeds, these wrecks can leave motorists with serious injuries requiring extensive medical care. At Youd Law, our Lake Oswego rear end accident attorney excels at establishing fault and fully documenting your losses. If you want the maximum compensation, please contact our firm today. We can provide an overview of the legal process and your rights.

What Causes Rear End Accidents?

Most of these wrecks are caused by:

  • Tailgating: a motorist is following a car too closely, which robs them of time to stop if the driver up ahead hits the brakes.
  • Distraction: cell phones are a key source of distraction. Someone looking at a phone won’t see that the driver up ahead has stopped.
  • Speeding: the faster a car travels, the more time it needs to come to a complete stop.
  • Aggressive driving: a motorist might try to pass, only to pull back into the lane, whereupon they smash into the car in front.
  • Failure to yield: a motorist might cut off another driver, leading to a collision.

Any negligence can make the driver liable for a collision. To establish fault, we often rely on witness testimony, any dash cam footage, and physical evidence, like skid marks. Our legal team will canvas the area to make sure you have a strong case when negotiating with an insurer.

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Understanding the Rules Regarding Fault

Oregon is a fault state for car accidents. Understanding who is responsible (“at fault”) for the wreck will help determine if you can seek compensation.

One misconception is that the car behind is always at fault. That might be the case in most accidents. But it’s not a hard-and-fast rule. Instead, we need to look at who drove negligently.

It might be that the car in front hit the brakes for no reason (brake checking). Or the driver pulled directly in front of a car when there wasn’t room to do so. In these examples, the car in front is responsible for the collision even if the car behind struck them.

You should contact Youd Law immediately to review the facts of your case. In Oregon, fault can be shared. You can bring a claim provided your share is not greater than the other driver’s. In effect, you can be up to 50% to blame but not over the line and still sue. Any fault on your part will reduce your compensation proportionally, however, so you should expect to receive less.

Our Experience Makes the Difference

Attorney Lance D. Youd has negotiated settlements on behalf of hundreds of car accident victims in Lake Oswego and surrounding areas. He understands the area and this type of collision like few other lawyers. His experience often gives him the upper hand when negotiating with insurance companies. He can build an effective case for compensation so that you receive a fair amount for your injury and car damage.

Attorney Youd also has experience seeking justice in court for his clients. Settlement is not always possible, principally because the insurance companies won’t offer up a fair settlement. In that unfortunate case, he can file a lawsuit in court seeking money damages from the defendant.

Most Common Rear End Accident Injuries

Getting struck from behind can leave occupants with certain injuries, such as:

  • Whiplash
  • Concussion
  • Facial injuries
  • Chest injuries
  • Fractured ribs, hands, and arms
  • Knee injuries
  • Back strain
  • Bulging or herniated discs
  • Spinal cord injuries

Whiplash is definitely one of the most common injuries for this type of crash. When hit from behind, a person’s head will whip back and forth, tearing soft tissue in the neck and shoulders. You might not immediately feel anything because adrenaline masks the pain, but over time neck stiffness intensifies. Many people with moderate or severe whiplash miss work while they recover.

We Work to Get the Full Compensation for Your Injuries

A rear-end collision in a parking lot or at an intersection can cost a motorist thousands of dollars for:

  • Medical bills
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • Lost income or wages
  • Lost self-employment or gig income
  • Property damage
  • Bodily injuries can also leave a victim wracked with pain and depression.

Unfortunately, many insurance companies are dedicated to reducing the amount they pay to victims. One strategy is to blame you for the accident. Under ORS 31.600, they can reduce the amount you receive or completely deny you any compensation if you are mostly at fault.

Insurers might also minimize your injuries. This happens with whiplash. Insurers believe motorists with whiplash are exaggerating their pain and inability to work. Attorney Lance Youd understands how even low-speed accidents can pinch nerves and strain muscles.

What to Do after a Rear End Collision in Lake Oswego

You can make the claims process easier on yourself if you take these simple steps:

  • Stop immediately. Oregon law requires anyone involved in a crash to stop.
  • Swap personal and insurance information. This information will help you make a claim for personal injuries later.
  • Call the police to report the accident. A police officer should come out to the scene and file an accident report, which is extremely helpful. If you thought the driver was distracted or intoxicated, you can share that information with the officer.
  • Document the crash. Take pictures of the cars involved and any debris field.
  • Speak with witnesses to the accident and ask for a way to contact them.
  • Avoid admitting fault for the crash or apologizing to the other driver. You don’t want to say anything a person could construe as an acceptance of fault.

Once you are finished at the accident scene, you should seek medical attention. Tell a doctor you were involved in a rear end collision and explain any symptoms you feel.

Contact Our Lake Oswego Rear End Accident Attorney for Help

Obtaining fair compensation should be easier than it is. At Youd Law, we hear from people every day struggling to get an insurance adjuster to take their injuries seriously. Let us advocate for you. Attorney Youd is standing by to aid those hurt in a rear end collision. Please call our firm today, (503) 399-8967, to schedule a time to meet.

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I wouldn’t want to go up against you Lance. Thanks to you and your team for your hard work.

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It’s been a long battle and I want you to know I appreciate all you have done.

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God answers…..One of our dear friends reached out to a lawyer she knows for me. What a great man! He contacted me and spent over a half an hour on the phone answering my questions.


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