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Noted Attorneys in Salem, Oregon Can Help with Career-Ending Injuries

In the world of competitive professional sports, injuries incurred on the field, whether during training or in an actual match, take a substantial toll on athletes. A serious injury can be the difference between a continuing career as a professional athlete or the prospect of retiring. Such is the predicament Portland Timbers soccer forward Eddie Johnson faced after a series of concussions that led to his April 2012 retirement.

Recently, Johnson filed for a $9.9 million personal injury lawsuit against the Timbers for failing to apply proper Major League Soccer return-to-play procedures during the 2012 pre-season. The story is posted on The Oregonian website and is a fitting reference for anyone thinking of hiring a personal injury attorney in Salem, Oregon for a sports-related injury:

“Johnson suffered a concussion during pregame warm-ups on Aug. 3, 2011, before suffering a subsequent concussion during a game 11 days later, the lawsuit says. Team doctors for the Timbers determined that Johnson could not safely return to play for the remainder of the 2011 season.

But the lawsuit alleges that Johnson was not given return-to-play protocol following his second concussion, and the forward returned for the MLS preseason in 2012 even though he was still experiencing concussion symptoms.

Johnson claims that he was hit in the head with a ball during preseason in 2012 and suffered further head injury that forced him to retire from professional soccer. …”

The lawsuit doesn’t make it clear whose decision it was that Johnson return to play. However, responsibility lies with the team to enforce the MLS’s return-to-play protocol. This protocol states that they should not have allowed Johnson to participate in training or games until doctors cleared him as fit.

Any athlete that has suffered significant injury that puts their career at risk should consult reliable attorneys in Salem, Oregon such as Lance D. Youd, Attorney at Law. Losing a career as a professional athlete can be devastating, both emotionally and financially. Contacting an experienced attorney can help ensure that you will receive the compensation you deserve.

(Source: Former Portland Timbers forward Eddie Johnson has filed a $9.9 million lawsuit against Timbers, The Oregonian, February 6, 2014)

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