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One of Noted Attorneys in Salem, Oregon Helps Personal Injury Victims

Salem, Oregon (November 26, 2013) – Lance D. Youd, one of the most trusted attorneys in Salem, Oregon, is taking on new personal injury cases. Having helped countless injured parties and their families fight for their legal rights, he successfully assists clients with the challenges of receiving the fair compensation they deserve.

As a top personal injury lawyer in Salem, Oregon, Mr. Youd understands that people who have been through an accident encounter medical, financial, and even emotional problems, especially with handling insurance issues. They may feel anxious about getting full and fair compensation. Often, finding the right injury lawyer to fight for them seems like a daunting task. When dealing with insurance companies and complex liability issues, it is crucial that victims have and experienced attorney, like Mr. Youd, to guide them through the process. On behalf of his clients, Mr. Youd negotiates with insurance companies diligently and persistently to address his clients’ medical bills, property issues, and other insurance problems.

Mr. Youd offers a confident and accurate approach to ensure that the process moves as smoothly and as seamlessly as possible.  This ensures that victims of negligence will be compensated fully, with minimal stress for the victims. Those who have been injured in car, truck, or motorcycle accidents can rely on him as a car accident attorney in Salem, Oregon to help them get back to their normal lives quickly. Mr. Youd also handles other personal injury accidents, including medical malpractice, slip-and-fall accidents, products liability, dog bites, and other incidents.

Mr. Youd strives to receive the maximum compensation for his clients, including the medical fees victims have paid and will have to pay to resolve their injuries. This also includes compensation for the physical and emotional pain and suffering the victims had to endure, as well as the lost wages they suffered as a result of the accident. Victims can trust Mr. Youd to fight relentlessly for all compensation to which they are legally entitled.

While Mr. Youd makes sure victims are compensated as quickly as possible, he still prepares for the possibility of representing the client at a court trial. In personal injury matters, the case is taken to trial if the compensation offered by the other party is not reasonable to cover all the trouble the accident has given the victim. Mr. Youd makes sure that the injury claim is filed within the statute of limitations, so his client will have the opportunity to litigate the case as may be necessary.

The reliable personal injury attorney is dedicated to provide honest and straightforward legal advice that each client needs and deserves. For more information on how Lance Youd can help with personal injury cases, visit today.

About Lance D. Youd, Attorney at Law

Since 1993, Lance Youd has been helping clients overcome difficulties in getting full compensation for any injuries they have obtained due to the negligence of another person or entity. Other than personal injury cases, he also practices family law in Salem, Portland, and the surrounding areas in Willamette Valley.

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