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Sharing the Road Rage in Portland Oregon

An incident recently in Portland is a reminder to everyone to keep emotions under control while on the road.  A bicyclist was struck by a driver, after the two exchanged hostile words and gestures. Sharing the Road-Rage

The bicyclist claims the driver was texting while driving and almost struck him as a result.  The two then went back and forth, and the driver ended the interaction by striking the bicyclist with her vehicle.  She is now under criminal investigation for assault.

This story is a reminder in two ways.  First, texting while driving is dangerous and illegal.  Texting while driving can result in accidents, and even death.  Bicyclists are especially at risk from distracted drivers, since they have little to protect them when a vehicle swerves into them.

It also is a reminder to control road rage.  While other drivers on the road can be frustrating, aggression at other drivers on the road is not productive.  Rather, it takes your attention off the road and off your duty as a driver.  In such instances, the driving can be considered reckless, which can lead to legal implications in the event of an accident.  If you have been cited for aggressive or reckless driving, or have been injured by such driving, contact our firm.  We can help you sort out the legal aspects of your case.  We offer free phone consultations, so you have nothing to lose.

For more information on the bicycle incident in Portland, see this article:

Lance D. Youd is a personal injury attorney and car accident attorney in Portland, Oregon.

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