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The Value of a Broken Bone

Even though a “hard injury,” such as a broken bone, can heal more quickly than a “soft tissue injury,” the settlement value in a Value of broken bonepersonal injury claim involving a hard injury can be many times greater the settlement value in a claim involving a soft tissue injury.  Hard injuries include broken bones, stitching, setting bones, arthroscopic exams of joints, fractures, dental problems, head injuries, brain damage, facial scarring, organ damage, separations, dislocations, and ligament or cartilage tears, wounds, and spinal disk or vertebrae injuries.  These types of injuries are best detected and identified through medical examinations, x-ray, and other tests such as CT scans and MRI’s.   Our law office will make sure that your injuries are properly treated, assessed, and allowed adequate time for proper healing.

A quick settlement of an injury sustained in an automobile accident or other accident is not advised.  There are many steps that need to take place in order to properly prepare a claim for settlement.  Quick settlements will not typically result in the best financial outcome for the injured party.  Our experience tells us that being patient and allowing for all injuries to properly heal before addressing settlement, will result in the greatest settlement value.

When you call our office about injuries sustained in an automobile, or other accident, we will offer you an initial free telephone consultation with a personal injury attorney in order to assist you in protecting your rights.

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