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Time for Oregon Grand Jury Hearings to go Digital

Portland Democrat Jennifer Williamson is prepared to introduce a bill for the 2015 legislature. Oregon is the last of 3 states to still be taking hand written notes of jurors during grand jury sessions. There are several reasons why this bill should be passed in the State of Oregon.

It is time to go digital and leave this archaic and nontransparent way of documenting verbatim evidence and information at trial.

When an attorney takes a case to trial, it is critical that both sides have access to the evidence of a case. As a practicing defense attorney I am in favor of passing this bill. Like Williamson, we too believe that it is time for grand jury hearings to become transparent. Faith will be renewed and fairness practiced in the Oregon court proceedings. We give a free initial phone consultation and are here to let you know if you have a case.

Time to go digital

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