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What to Do After an Uber Car Accident

Uber has completely changed the way people in Salem travel. It has introduced a new level of convenience to the transport sector. Every day, hundreds of passengers use the Uber app to request rides. Even though Uber drivers are professional and experienced, accidents happen when you least expect it. 

If you got into an accident with an Uber car, you might be confused. Like with all accidents, it is common to feel sad and scared. However, panic only makes things worse. It is important to remain calm as the actions right after your accident will affect your chances of getting compensation. 

All Uber rides are insured, and with a good lawyer, you can simplify everything. Here are the most critical steps to take immediately after an Uber car accident. 

  1. Report

Report your accident to Uber and the police. Getting a police report is important as you may need it when you go to court to pursue compensation. When the police get to the accident scene, they will take details of the accident and the involved vehicles. 

The details may include witness accounts, diagrams, and weather conditions at the time of the accident. Don’t forget to contact Uber support and let them know about the accident. If you wait too long, their insurance providers may fight you. 

  1. Document It

Get as many details of your accident as you can. Your memory will fade over time, so you need to capture the events in written, photographic, or video form. 

Essential records to take include photos of both vehicles, the accident scene from different angles, and your injuries. If there are any witnesses, take their accounts of the accident. All types of evidence may come in handy in the future. 

  1.  Seek Medical Help

It is wise to see a doctor even if you don’t think you’re hurt. Even when you seem to be okay, you may have sustained hidden injuries like a concussion or whiplash. These signs may become apparent after several days. 

Getting medical help immediately keeps the injury from getting worse. Obtaining medical help isn’t just for your health. It also helps to establish a connection between your injuries and the Uber accident. 

  1. Speak With Your Lawyer

Uber car accidents are complicated, and you shouldn’t get into any negotiations before speaking with an attorney. The right Salem personal injury lawyer will explain processes to you and represent your best interest. They will handle negotiations with the insurer on your behalf. 

If the driver was at fault, liability depends on whether they were using the app at the time of the accident. Since so many parties are involved, negotiations can be complicated. It may be impossible to maximize compensation without an experienced personal injury lawyer. 

Being in an Uber car accident takes its toll on your health and finances. However, taking the right step right after your accident can make things easier. While Uber rides are generally safe, there is no guarantee that you won’t get into an accident. You must know what to do if you are a victim. 

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