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Divorce Lawyer Testimonial | Paul Dunbar

Paul was served divorce papers directly following a major surgery.
He needed a divorce lawyer to help him understand the papers he was served and what actions he should take next, but he wasn’t in any condition to travel.

Paul called several divorce lawyers in Salem, Oregon, but none of them were willing to drive to the rehabilitation center to meet with him. Understanding how difficult and stressful divorce can be when attorney Lance Youd received the call from Paul, he immediately made arrangements to visit him in person at the facility.  This gesture meant a lot to Paul and began an attorney-client relationship built on trust.

The first thing Lance observed during his initial consultation with Paul was his selfless dedication to his children.  Paul’s foremost concern was the well-being of his children. With Lance’s help, they navigated the process of divorce ensuring that the children’s needs and happiness came first.

Lance understood that Paul’s divorce wasn’t easy to deal with considering his significant and difficult physical disabilities.

Near the end of the case, Paul presented Lance with a hand carved wooden pen out of gratitude for his assistance and help.




Video Transcription

I found that I needed a lawyer when, the first day, out of recovery from the hospital from a major surgery, I get served divorce papers.

The thing that stood out about Lance is that he not only specializes in family law but it also said that he did injury law. Not to mention, out of the four attorneys that I interviewed Lance was the only one that agreed to come to me to the facility and talk to me one on one and he came more than once.

He was understanding and he knew what was needed to get done and that’s why I picked him. From the very beginning, I was extremely nervous because in the papers that were handed to me it said that if I didn’t respond in a certain time I would automatically forfeit and lose everything. So I knew that time was of the essence. I was also very shaken up, fresh from the surgery, but he stepped in right away and got everything halted because of said recovery.

Instead of a lawyer, it was more like it was my dad that I was actually talking to and that helped. It is a great feeling to know that someone is there on your back to help you where you need it and continue helping you but I do thank Lance for being my lawyer and representing me the way that he did. It was definitely top-notch.


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