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Obese Drivers at High Risk in Automobile Accidents

Obese Drivers at Risk All the Way Around!

Here is my legal response to an article written concerning the injuries sustained in an accident for overweight drivers and or passengers There is oft times misfortune in getting fair compensation in the process off Settling Automobile Accident Personal Injury Claims. This is where I use my experience from other Personal Injury Settlements to fight for fair and just compensation.

Not only are overweight drivers more likely to be injured or killed in an automobile accident. They are less likely to receive adequate compensation for their injuries. There are a few prejudices that still permeate our society, and one of those is against overweight persons.

I represent people of all shapes, sizes, colors, religious backgrounds, etc. When I represent a person who is medically deemed to be overweight, my experience is that an insurance representative will almost always comment on my client’s weight in negotiating an injury settlement. Additionally, when I represent a person who is medically deemed to be overweight, my experience is that the offers I receive from insurance representatives will be noticeably less than the offers I receive for clients who are not overweight. This is not necessarily because the insurance representative is prejudiced. The insurance representative may even be overweight. It is because the insurance representative knows what I know, which is that juries (made up of our peers in society) tend to be prejudiced against overweight plaintiffs. If the case cannot be settled, it will go to trial, where the overweight plaintiff will run a high risk of facing a prejudiced jury. Settlement offers are reduced accordingly. I will call the insurance representative on these prejudices and use my experience in other settlements to fight for fair and just compensation.

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