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Attorneys in Salem, Oregon Guide Clients Through Child Custody Cases

Family law is a very broad field, with lawyers often dealing with situations that forever change the lives of their clients. Cases like adoption, divorce, and child custody center around personal circumstances, and each decision a court makes can greatly affect the future of those involved. One such case in Salem, Oregon demonstrates the intense emotions present in family law cases.

As reported in Fox Carolina, the custody of a young girl has been at the center of a court battle between the girl’s mother and grandmother who are Salem residents, and the girl’s father who lives in Mexico.

“For months, she’s fought to keep her granddaughter in Oregon. She says it’s the only home Yoselin has ever known, but with the girl’s mother unable to care for her and her father in Mexico, a judge ruled last month that the American-born girl should be sent to live in a country she’s never seen.

“They want to send her to a totally different world,” Lechuga said. “For as safe and as good as an environment Mexico could be, it’s still a different world.”

Yoselin is being sent to live with Alfonso Pantoja, her father, who was recently released from prison and deported to Mexico. That has Lechuga worried and looking for answers.”

Child custody refers to the care and control of a child, often determined by a court in cases where there is a dispute between the child’s parents or other parties.

The common ground in child custody cases are the best interests of the child, and ensuring that the disputes among the parties involved do not affect the child’s well-being. However, the legal process to determine child custody may vary from one state to another. Thus residents of Salem should consult with trusted attorneys in Salem, Oregon, who have extensive knowledge of family law in the state.

Because of the inherently emotional nature of family law cases, individuals engaged in one should seek the help not only of a seasoned lawyer, but also a compassionate attorney in Salem, Oregon, like Lance D. Youd, Attorney-at-law, who has a genuine understanding of what his clients are going through. Disputes involving the family, particularly a child, can make an individual vulnerable to mistakes that can be detrimental to his or her case. An experienced lawyer will be there to provide the client with proper counsel and representation to help avoid such errors.

(Source: Court date set for custody battle over 6-year-old ordered to live in Mexico, Fox Carolina, 05 Mar, 2014)

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