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Let Our Experienced Salem Wrongful Death Lawyer Help You

A Helping Hand During A Difficult Time

If you or a family member has been injured in an auto accident or car accident in Salem, Oregon contact an experienced personal injury lawyer at the Youd Law Firm in Salem, Oregon.

What you’re dealing with right now is incredibly difficult. The untimely death of a loved one is one of the most painful things that any family will go through.  We understand that the last thing that you want to deal with during this emotional time is litigation. Unfortunately, harsh financial realities must be faced. Wrongful Death and Personal Injury Attorney Lance D. Youd doesn’t view you as just another client, he sees you as a family in need of a helping hand. He wants to see that justice is served.

Understanding Wrongful Death

The right to bring a wrongful death lawsuit is found in Section 30.020 of the Oregon Revised Statutes. It defines wrongful death as any death caused by a “wrongful act or omission” of another person or entity.

Most of the wrongful death cases we handle stem from:

A wrongful death claim might also be based on the intentional attack of another person that leads to death.

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Starting a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

In the unfortunate case of wrongful death, it’s usually up to the victim’s family to initiate a lawsuit. Legally, the personal representative of your loved one’s estate has the legal right to file. This person should be identified in your loved one’s will. Most people choose a family member to serve in this capacity. If your loved one died without a valid will, then the probate court can appoint a personal representative. Again, usually a family member like a spouse is appointed.

However, it’s often too exhausting and emotionally trying for families to focus on their legal rights during such a difficult time. Don’t worry — we’ll take care of the legal issues while you take care of your family. At the Youd Law Firm, we’ve been representing individuals and families since 1993. Salem, Oregon Attorney Lance D. Youd is sensitive to your concerns and will work with you to establish the right case for your situation.

Evidence of Wrongful Death

How do you prove that your loved one’s death was “wrongful”? It’s not enough that they died following an accident. After all, they could have been responsible for getting into a car crash or cutting off a large truck. We typically need evidence of negligence or fault on the part of some individual or an entity like a business. And this requires the type of deep understanding of personal injury law that Attorney Youd has developed over years of practice.

The Youd Law Firm will thoroughly investigate the circumstances of the case. We’ll determine all the responsible parties, whether the fatality was caused by a defective product, or a car, truck, or boating accident. For example, if your loved one died in a pedestrian accident, we will find witnesses who can testify to what happened. Nearby businesses might have surveillance cameras that captured the accident. This evidence helps show that the driver who struck your loved one was not driving carefully.

Compensation for Salem Wrongful Death Cases

The Youd Law Firm will then work with financial experts to determine the monetary value of the damages you have suffered.


  • Funeral Expenses
  • Medical Expenses
  • Lost Wages (From the Time of Injury to Death)
  • Loss of Earning Potential (From the Time of Death Based Upon the Decedent’s Life Expectancy)
  • Loss of Companionship & Services (In the Case of Certain Family Members)
  • Pain & Suffering
  • Other Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Many clients wonder how much they can receive. The amount depends on the facts of your loved one’s life. If your spouse had a high earning job before being killed, then the loss of earning potential will be higher than if he had a low-paying job or was on the verge of retirement. Other factors include how long your loved one lived before succumbing and any out-of-pocket expenses.

Negotiating a Wrongful Death Settlement

Our firm is generally able to obtain a settlement from the defendant without the need for a trial. Settlement offers many advantages, such as allowing you to avoid testifying, which many people find stressful. We can usually get you a settlement faster as well.

Attorney Youd has the experience you need to obtain a fair settlement. He is sensitive to his clients’ emotions during this difficult time but also fully investigates the accident that led to your loved one’s death. When appropriate, our firm can also file a lawsuit to hold the defendant accountable.

Call Our Salem Wrongful Death Attorney

This is an emotional time, and you need a passionate legal advocate representing your interests. Contact Attorney Lance D. Youd today. Our firm is happy to meet with anyone in a confidential setting to discuss the death of a loved one. Please call (503) 399-8967 or submit your information online.

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Our clients say it best

At Youd Law, we pride ourselves in offering unmatched service. Lance and his staff are responsive and respectful, providing efficient, expert assistance in a kind and courteous manner.


We cannot thank you enough for your generous intervention for our dear friends. It shows how God used you to answer prayer!

K H Family Family Law 2019

I wouldn’t want to go up against you Lance. Thanks to you and your team for your hard work.

KW July 2019

It’s been a long battle and I want you to know I appreciate all you have done.

RD July 2019

God answers…..One of our dear friends reached out to a lawyer she knows for me. What a great man! He contacted me and spent over a half an hour on the phone answering my questions.


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