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Car Seat Safety….Don’t Take the Risk

Buckle Up….. You can never be reminded enough!

In reference to an article from the Oregonian as a Personal Injury Attorney I see over and over again how critical the use of seat belts are to help to save lives and protect passengers of all ages from more serious injuries.

Although Children do surprisingly well in automobile accidents, when they are appropriately seated in a child safety seat. Their small, flexible bodies are able to withstand the forces of an accident very well. When they are not appropriately seated in a child safety seat, they do not do well. Their small, flexible bodies most often slip out of standard seat belts or inappropriately installed child safety seats. They are then likely to be severely injured or killed in an accident with even moderate impact. Parents have even been criminally prosecuted for injuries to their children that were caused by failure to use an appropriate child safety seat.

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