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Higher Risk of Being in a Single Car Accident in Oregon

The Highway Safety Research and Commission has collected automobile accident statistics for 2013 revealing that there are safe driving measures that if followed, will decrease your risk of being in a fatal crash. Those safe driving measures include driving the speed limit, wearing your seat belt, and not driving while intoxicated, which are obvious safety precautions.  However, there was a surprising statistic revealed where more accidents occur where only a single car is involved.

Oregon Accidents

These statistics reveal that the natural fear of being afraid another driver will be the cause of an accident isn’t as important as being in fear of causing your own accident.  Knowing this statistic should create enough concern for drivers to take more precautions while driving.

Nationwide, 57% of deaths occurred in single car accidents.  Oregon’s single car accident death rate is higher than the national average at 59%. This is an important warning for Oregonians to take even more precautions while driving. If you’re involved in a car accident with another driver, you could find an attorney in Salem, Oregon to file a personal injury suit if you need legal representation.

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