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How To Prove You Are Not At Fault In A Car Accident

Being involved in a car accident — especially one that is at no fault of your own — can feel overwhelming. The first thing you should always do after being involved in an injury-related accident is seek medical treatment. Then follow the legal procedure. 

The last thing you may want is to do anything which may render your side of the story unbelievable. This should make you think a lot about how to show your cleanliness concerning the accident.

Having a lawyer by your side is significant in that you will get guidance on how to make it easy. In Salem, Portland, many such personal injury attorneys can offer you a helping hand. Which are the different aspects to consider in proving that you are not liable for the accident?

Evidence Gathering

An insurance company and jury typically want every statement you give to have a strong backup of evidence. As a victim of an accident, you need to use every tool or means you can in finding a lot of evidence. Start from the scene of the accident to the medical reports, police statements, and witnesses. 

The more you gather evidence, the more your side of the story will be believable. The defendant could use your lack of evidence to strengthen the arguments during the court proceedings, which you hardly want. A Salem Personal Injury Lawyer guides you on how to compile everything. 

After getting a lot of information that you can use as evidence, the battle is not yet over. This is because there is a need to organize each detail well. Every evidence piece needs to speak the same language as some variance could work against you.

Police Reports

After the accident, the first person to arrive should be the police. Their high level of professionalism will make them capture everything which happened. With the police presence, everything will run smoothly when it comes to recording statements from witnesses. 

Besides, they’re accurate in taking down information on both drivers. It means that the police statement will have comprehensive information on everything transpiring at the scene and probably predict what took place earlier.

Witness Testimony

Anytime the accident happens, there are high chances that people are around and see everything. These persons may even have come to the rescue of the vehicle occupants and probably interacted with you in trying to save you from the life-threatening ordeal. It is crucial to develop strong ties with such individuals as they can help a lot in your evidence support. 

Consider protecting them well since their position in your lawsuit could attract advancement from the defendant’s side.


The saying is that a “photograph speaks a thousand words.”  That is certainly true in proving who was at fault in a motor vehicle accident.  You should obtain as many photographs of the accident scene, the damaged vehicles and other property, and your injuries.

Understand the State Laws Well

In every state, there are sets of laws that revolve around auto accidents, including vehicle codes and insurance laws.  Your lawyer is very fundamental at this level due to the knowledge of the state laws. 

The lawyer will evaluate the nature of the lawsuit and see the possible aspects which may raise eyebrows on your side of the case. 

After an accident caused by the fault of another driver, prepare how to explain what happened. It can be easy to prove that you aren’t the cause of the accident when you follow the right path. You need to have a personal injury lawyer; as such legal minds understand the determinant factors well.

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