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Lance Receives Esteemed Distinction

Lance D. Youd an attorney in Salem, Oregon, was recently admitted as an attorney counselor and advocate of the United States District Court for the district of Oregon.

To receive this esteemed distinction, only an attorney who is in good standing with the Oregon State Bar may apply for this position. An attorney who is sworn in for this position commits to follow all general guidelines for this court system. The ability to practice law in the Federal Court system allows cases to be tried where federal laws are applied.

The attorney upholds the position as an officer of the court, a counselor, and an advocate to the highest professional standard of conduct. Attorneys must adhere to a professional standard of conduct, earning a reputation for honor and trustworthiness with their client’s, legal community, and the public.

 When asked about the significance of this new certificate and responsibility Lance said, “it is an honor to be nominated by fellow attorneys to practice law in the United States District Court for the District of Oregon. As a member of the bar of the United State District Court for the District of Oregon, an attorney is devoted to assisting the client and the public for the good of both parties.”

United States District Court District of Oregon Certificate

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