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How do I simplify my Personal Injury Claim?

Injured? Need an Attorney?

Lance Youd is a personal injury attorney based in Salem, Oregon. Youd Law focuses on making the process of receiving compensation for an automobile accident simple.

Our clients hurt both physically and emotionally and need to conserve their time and energy to heal.  The idea of having to work through a personal injury claim alone can be overwhelming.  Lance and his staff manage the continual correspondence coming from the insurance companies and buffer the pressure the insurance companies apply, hoping for a quick and unfair settlement.

We encourage our clients to heal before any negotiations are started with the insurance company.  Once you have finished treating and believe you are medically stationary, Lance and his staff collect, organize, and read through all of the medical records and bills. They then prepare a demand letter, asking the at-fault insurance company for compensation for the injuries including economic, non-economic, pain, and suffering damages as a result of the accident.

The insurance company will respond with an offer.  Typically the offer is much lower than what the attorney believes the case is worth.   Lance will advise you on your options so you can better understand where you stand with your case.  This is where the experience and skills of hiring Lance Youd to negotiate for you is critical.  He will continue to negotiate with the insurance company to get the best settlement possible on your case.

Youd Law will make sure to check in with you periodically to see how your treatment is going, answer questions, and give you any updates regarding your case.  Lance Youd’s goal is to simplify your involvement in complicated matters as much as possible.

Here are very common questions for a personal injury attorney that people just like you have.



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