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Personal Injury…….Let’s Talk about the Treatment!

From an attorneys perspective and knowing how important the healing process is after an accident, we at the Youd Law Firm encourage all of our clients to get proper treatment and continue treating until all injuries are healed upon a doctors release.

So many accident victims walk away from an accident feeling like they will be fine.  It is in the next 48 hours where many of the injuries surface. When most people are in an accident they experience an adrenaline rush.  When the mind experiences that rush, it  tends to not notice or recognize normal pain.  In any other situation we would immediately complain and be seeking out help.

Get your vitals checked.  Be seen for whiplash.  Take note of abnormal aches and pains.  You may not recognize the pain as from the accident, but most likely the mind will trigger that it came from the accident.

Be seen by a physician.  There is medical coverage within an insurance policy for the important purpose of covering medical bills sustained in an accident.  We recommend treatment for all accident victims, it may be a critical piece to making a Personal Injury claim.

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