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Spreading Holiday Cheer: Ways to be Environmentally Friendly This Season

With wrapped gifts and tons of holiday cards, it is easy to be hard on Mother Earth around the holiday season. However, there are many ways that you can reduce your holiday waste. Here are some simple suggestions from the Environmental Protection Agency on how to have a greener holiday:

  1. Look for ways to recycle your Christmas tree at the end of the season. Some community solid waste departments will collect and mulch trees. These chippings can then be used on hiking trails, beachfront erosion barriers, and more.
  2. Turn off your holiday lights during the day – it will save energy and help your lights last longer.
  3. Send holiday cards that were printed on recycled paper. Or, even better, send electronic cards.
  4. Bring your own bags when you go holiday shopping. This will reduce the number of paper and plastic bags that end up in landfills this time of year.
  5. When giving flowers as gifts, consider giving a plant that can be kept and replanted in the spring.
  6. When gifting a toy that requires batteries, give rechargeable batteries instead of single use ones. While they are more expensive initially, they reduce the amount of potentially harmful materials that are thrown away and end up being more cost effective after many uses.

For other creative ideas on how to have a greener holiday, visit the EPA’s website:

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